Jun 172010

Let’s see if we can shake the rust off with a “Things I’m Stupid for this month” post.

1. League Of Legends

Heimerdinger will make you his little robotic bitch

This is hands-down the biggest time waster on my hands nowadays. Originally started as a Warcraft 3 mod called “Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)”, League of Legends is a top-down RPG-like champion based RTS. I think. Ish.

How ever you try to describe it, it is easily the best free multi-player experience I’ve had. The champion selections are plentiful and well fleshed out and the strategies unique and stimulating. Sometimes the community can be a bit… dickish, but that’s a risk one takes when dealing with any multi-player game.

If I were to try and figure a gripe I have with this game, it would have to be the lack of maps to play on. At the time of this writing, there are only two to choose from (a 3v3 map and a 5v5 map).

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted away playing as Heimerdinger or Jax in matchups. I CAN say that I’ve played 148 matches… and lost 72 of them. Not that bad, I suppose. If I can maintain a 1:1 ratio I can’t get too mad at myself.

2. Transmetropolitan

Image is property of Aeryael (via aeryael.deviantart.com)

With the notable exception of Hunter S. Thompson’s Raul Duke, the realm of journalism is lacking in off-the-hinges-batshit-insane characters you can admire. Transmetropolitan, however, has graced us with Spider Jerusalem. The world seems better for it.

The story itself takes place in a dystopian future chock full of Bowel Disrupters, transient half-alien humanoids, and more drugs than Spider can get his grubby veins full of. The story is well written, the art quality superb and the detail is sometimes overwhelming.

I was a bit late in the game to pick this comic up, but the name Warren Ellis sounded familiar. After a quick search, I found out he is also the writer of the steampunk comic FreakAngels (of which I am also a fan). Clearly this man is out to make me go gay for him.

I can only hold out for so long.

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Sep 042008



This is the first time I’m using a writing program that is fundamentally different from Word (or even notepad, for that matter). The program is called “WriteMonkey” and as far as I’m concerned it’s likely the last program I’ll ever use for basic writing.

The gist of the program is this: Zen writing space. I use that term not to imply it chimes Buddhist temple bells every so often, or that it aims to help you reach a level of enlightenment by celibacy and devout servitude. Although now that I think about it, one of those orange and red robes might go well with the vibrations I’m getting in my chakras… CHAKRA KAHN!

Through the most elegant means, WriteMonkey brings simplicity and focus to the writing experience without the hefty Macintosh Cult indoctrination price tag. As a matter of fact there isn’t a price tag at all, although donations are being accepted.

It seems funny to me that something so simple can cause a stir in how I feel about writing. Up to this point, I couldn’t identify what it was that repelled me from writing on my computer. Somehow the basic needs taken care of by this program have thrown it into sharp relief.

Needless complexity.

I look at MSWord and see a window chock full of buttons, options, menus and random doodads. Things that most of the time go unused in my writing process, yet still remain to nag me with their presence. Try as I might to ignore them, they still gnash their teeth in the twilight of my writing focus… little bastard animals in the night.

For the longest time I found myself inexplicably jotting down my thoughts in Notepad. I assume it was the same desire for simplicity that caught and held my attention at gunpoint.

Of course this program won’t replace Final Draft for my script work, but I think that it’s allure will bring about more daily writing from me. I figure at minimum I will be able to post more blogs through regular use, at maximum I’ll be able to make more satire articles like the roommate piece and an upcoming “Day in the Life of…” that I have been itching to get to work on.

Oh and it makes really nifty old-school typewriter noises while you type (w00t!)

So if you’re in the mood to dabble in some free software that just might change your view on the otherwise intimidating and sometimes nasty business of writing on a  computer, the link will be posted below. Be forewarned: the website colors are horrendous, but luckily the program itself allows for user-defined colors and font choices.


WriteMonkey (for Windows)

WriteRoom (Same concept, Mac only)

Question of the moment!

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