May 182011

It seems silly to pay for hosting without writing anything. Then again, I’m a smoker (meaning the worse implications of paying a company to kill you makes unused hosting look trivial).

There has been a ton of change in my life in the last few weeks, centered mainly around my ill-timed move back to Alabama. Ill-timed because not a full week in town brought about the worst tornado storm this area has seen in quite some time.

To make matters worse, two days prior to the storm my computer (a heavy fat baby with ethylene glycol coolant) decided to take a little piss on my graphics card. In the span of a few days I lost a vital part of my computer system AND ended up spending a full week without power. By the 7th day my balls had taken up permanent residence in my torso to avoid the icy morning showers (a hugely necessary torture, as each day I was sweating gallons hauling logs and cleaning the yard).

Regardless of all this, I’m back on the computer and plotting lots of oodle-y new stuff. Stop rolling your eyes at me, dammit!


Do you ACTUALLY believe I'll be making new content as promised? I mean at what point do you just laugh and fart in my face?

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Other Stuff for Eyeball Fondling (OSFEF)

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  2 Responses to “Date of Upness.”

  1. Your poll shows a degree of self-awareness I didn’t know you possessed. ;)

    Well, I’m sorry to hear that life is holding your head under the covers for a Dutch Oven once again. Honestly, you just can’t catch a break…

    and don’t think I haven’t noticed that you only blog / make videos when shit’s going really badly for you, because I have. But that’s ok. It’s nice to hear from you.

    Would you like to hear how MY summer’s going? lol.

  2. life’s a ride! enjoy it!

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